Webshots Mobile Photocaster

Webshots Mobile Photocaster 1.03

Create your own community for sharing photos on the go

With millions of Webshots members and a collection over 330 million photos, Webshots is the world's largest image network. Free membership allows members to download any Webshots photo to their computer and also upload and share their own photos. An average of over 500,000 new images is uploaded each day.

Webshots Mobile Photocaster is the new fun way to instantly share photos with your friends using the Webshots web site and your Symbian Series 60 smartphone. The application runs in the background enabling an always-on connection to Webshots. As your friends upload photos to Webshots, they are automatically downloaded and saved on your phone. If your friends use the Webshots Mobile Photocaster, you can instantly share photos phone to phone.

It's easy to upload photos with the native Camera application integration. After you take a photo, you are given the option of uploading it to Webshots. The upload happens in the background so you can continue to take more photos. The photos uploaded are immediately available on the Webshots website.


  • 15 day free trial
  • Point and shoot photo uploading, integrates with native Camera application
  • Individual subscriptions to your favorite users
  • Background uploading and downloading
  • Compressed photos to 10-13k for fast downloading
  • Always-connected means you receive photos as they are uploaded by your friends, no manual syncing
  • Set photos as your wallpaper
  • Tone and vibrate options when new photos are uploaded or downloaded (turns off automatically when the phone is charging)
  • View Unread/Read/Saved/Unsaved photos
  • View Subscribed/Unsubscribed feeds
  • Large photo viewing maximizes available screen space
  • Automatically downloads new versions

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Webshots Mobile Photocaster


Webshots Mobile Photocaster 1.03

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